The-palette of flowers

To those who are willing to listen with love and attention, the vegetation speaks for itself of its splendour. So, the extraordinary chromatic harmony, the shapes of leaves and flowers, will astound us - almost works of abstract art, never dull, during the expert olive picking in the Mediterranean, the trembling stems and flowers in the freezing weather of the seasons. The palm tree in the tropics displays its mane and bright fruits, a painting worthy of a gifted artist. Hedges and climbing plants light up in the magic glow of summer. The freedom and preciousness of pistils and corollas and the surprisingly luscious “nameless” leaves that resist the onslaught of frost and dew, the veining on flowers are almost an X ray of perfection Close encounters of transparency in the early morning seem to burst forth in the beauty of an exhilaratingly magical palette. Short-lived corollas courageously display their magnificent and improbable costumes from a great height.

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