The dance of water

Stimuli and fascination, ancient and modern, live on in the eternal language of water, now a cloud, now a brook, snow, a drop, a waterfall a lake, the sea And in the magic of its reflections, with its improbable transparencies, water delivers fascinating lectures on Impressionist painting. Harmonious sounds, polychromes, statuesque and representational, are the cipher sometimes delicate, sometimes imposing, of water in its many languages . tumultuous, quiet, resounding, majestic So a lake can be rough, fleshy, disquieting; a torrent in the Dolomites gentle, intense and luminous, made precious by golden flashes of light; the reflections on the sea can be scribbles, warm tones or at times dark or can give off metallic light Water can be a devoted Goldsmith setting short-lived precious stones into leaves or simple stems. With water human beings appear under the amicable sign of harmony and joy in the rediscovery of precious Nature.

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