Giovanni Padroni is a freelance journalist. He was born in Lucca and lives in Pisa. He declares himself to be a passionate inquirer into the question of images.
In particular, among other qualities, he credits photography with the ability to deepen knowledge and meaning of the works of man and nature.
He has won prizes in numerous competitions, with specific reference to his creativity and has published volumes of photography, among which are : "Lucca", "Orme pisane in Sardegna"(Medieval Churches and Architecture), "Gorgona", "Il Parco di San Rossore, Massaciuccoli, Migliarino (The San Rossore, Massaciuccoli, Migliarino Park), "Flora e fauna nei paesaggi di Toscana" (Flora and Fauna in the Tuscan Landscape), "Sentieri e natura nella provincia di Pisa" (….) , "La Natura ritrovata" (……) and "Pisa Stagioni & Bellezze"(…..).
He is Full Professor at the University of Pisa, where he teaches Organization of human capital and the cultural and environmental heritage; he is also past Director of the "E.Giannessi" University Department and the Ph.D course in Business Economics. He is on the Board of the Opera Primaziale Pisana (Pisa Cathedral Works) and a member of the Ente-Parco Regionale di Migliarino, San Rossore e Massaciuccoli Authority. He graduated in Economics and has taught and carried out original research at the universities of Pisa, Anconand, Bologna, as well as at Universities and Institutes of Higher Studies in various European countries and in The United States and Latin America. He is Emeritus Member of the European Foundation for Management Development, Member and Honorary member of the Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale and has published many monographs and papers in scientific journals and daily papers.
Through photography he endeavours to “represent” aspects of Nature and feelings, searching for the “epiphany” of what is outwardly hidden. He is convinced of the truth of the words of Fedor Dostoevskij, reaffirmed with calm strength by Pope John Paul II, that Beauty can “save the world”, because it helps us to make sense of Values that enhance the full development of people and civilization.
His photographs, and reviews of his printed works, have been published in many Italian newspapers and magazines including Gente Viaggi, il Venerdi di Repubblica, Casa Vogue, Vie del Mondo, Photo, Repubblica, Il Tirreno, La Nazione.
He has held personal photographic exhibitions in many places, among which are Pisa, Capitolo di S.Bonaventura, 1994, "Chiese e Architetture pisane nella Sardegna medievale".Cagliari, Exma, 1994, "Orme pisane in Sardegna". Greve in Chianti, 2005, Centro Culturale San Leolino, " Natura Arte di Dio". Roma, Università Campus Bio Medico, 2008, Permanent exhibition " Natura, Lavoro, Sentimenti, Linguaggio dei silenzi". Pisa, Università, 2010, Facoltà di Economia, " Lavoro e Natura".

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