The photographer “creator” of images, fixes things that technicians - specialists - may miss, like emotions, the miracle of things and their innermost essence. Emile Zola went as far as asserting that you cannot say you have truly seen something unless you have photographed it. Any image, whether a mask or a loving relationship with a work of art, can be a “meeting” of glances that can be read in a non-traditional way, perhaps in order to pursue what is invisible, a “re-reading” in the hope of entering further into a world that excites our curiosity, our desire for spiritual gratification, a search in the absolute and in mystery. So, when we take a photo of anything, we first have to “love” it. On the same wavelength is the legendary pianist Sviatoslav Richter, who declared he only played music that he could enjoy and that he was unable to play the music of any composer that he did not love and admire

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